Kimberly Michaels

by Kimberly Michaels

Released 2017
Released 2017
This CD of originals is Kimberly's debut album, taking several years to complete, featuring her R&B, Jazz, Soul and Pop influences. A few songs about adoption emotions are interwoven into the diverse array. Versatile Tony Axtell co-wrote and produced.
Words by Marissa Dodge Bartlett aka Misty:
In Korean mythology, the creation of the universe began with the goddess Mago who gave birth to two goddesses named Gung-hee and So-hee. The musical universe you're listening to began with a small goddess named Sung-hee. You may know her as Kimberly Michaels, but she first came into the world as Park Sung Hee in Seoul, Korea, near the Han River. She was found on the same day …
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