Kimberly Michaels

Kimberly was born in Seoul, South Korea, as Park Sung Hee.  At 6-months old, she was adopted & grew up in Minnesota, in a Swedish-Norwegian Lutheran family.  You Betcha! As a 4 year old, she was classically trained by ear in piano, then learned music theory around age 7. Kimberly started singing & performing her own Pop, Emo & Classical Compositions around age 12. She was a student choir director and accompanist. At Normandale Community College, she studied Acting, Psychology and Business Management. 

Kimberly moved from Minneapolis to West Hollywood in younger days. Her Producer was Time-Warner’s Wayne Vaughn (Earth, Wind & Fire), and Wanda Vaughn (The Emotions).  Some world-renown Artists Kimberly's worked with or shared stage and studio time with: Stanley Clarke, George Duke, DeBarge, Cherelle & Ipso Facto. She was Background Vocalist to Alexander O'Neal, Sheila Raye Charles & Ebony Taye. She's opened for The Time, Lionel Richie, Carol King, Karen White and Frankie Beverly & Maze. Her love of Pop, R&B, Soul, Funk, Jazz, Gospel and Rock has led her down many paths.  

You can see Kimberly in the 2008 Slumberland Anniversary ads, hear her on the radio singing for banks, hardware stores, and Best Buy.  She’s found singing with a 13-piece band in Nightclubs, doing Corporate Parties, Festivals, Fundraisers & Weddings in Minneapolis/St Paul and around the country.  

Along with having American Pride, Norwegian Pride and Minnesota Pride, Kimberly also has Adoptee Pride, Korean Pride and Asian Pride!  Kimberly donates her time to working with Adoptees, performing for their fundraisers & events for the Children’s Home Society, MAKA & The Adopted Korean Connection. 

Her self-written CD Project supports an awareness campaign for adoptees like herself as she partners with such organizations as the LA based Mixed Roots Foundation, and MN based Adoption Groups. Kimberly hopes to touch many people’s musical heartstrings with her universal messages and musical influences such as Sade, Aretha Franklin, India Arie, Chaka Khan & Whitney Houston. 

Her latest song “Minnow Bucket” pays homage to a Minnesota tradition:  driving to the rural lakes and townships outside of the Twin Cities, to ride on a pontoon and float in the lake on a floatation device (aka a “floaty”). 



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