Kimberly Michaels CD

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The Kimberly Michaels CD is available here & now!   

It's the perfect gift for people in the adoption community or any music lover who likes variety. 

  The CD has been graced by some awesome & world renown musicians:   

      Ricky Peterson, Michael Bland, Dave Beattie, Tommy Barbarella, Jason
      Peterson Delaire along with a song with vocals by Fred Steele, Debbie
      Duncan, Gwen Matthews, Aimee Lee, Taylor Baggot and Chazz Reed.
      Also featured is a song written by the late great Jack Robinson & Morris Hayes.

The Kimberly Michaels Originals CD IS OFFICIALLY ON SALE NOW ! 
Originals of Kimberly Michaels & Tony Axtell   
Produced byKimberly Michaels & Tony Axtell 

Album Available at CD Baby !!!


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