Hesitant To Release "Minnow Bucket"  

I’m about as Minnesotan as they come.

When I lived in LA, and the movie Fargo was released, I still recall people making fun of my Midwest accent.

My Norwegian and Swedish roots have led me to love lutefisk, Swedish meatballs, and pickled herring.
Like a true Minnesotan, I grew up being shy, quiet and reserved (mostly). 

I wrote a song in 2008 called “A Perfect Day”. That song was written while driving around Lake Minnetonka to Tonka Bay to go boating. It was an unusually warm Autumn day, and I had such a…

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Worth Waiting For 

Worth waiting for.....  I'm going to sound so old, but back in 1991, when I was just a kid, I was signed to a record label called WW Productions. I had traveled to LA to sing & write background vocal arrangements for Sheila Ray Robinson. Her dad, Ray Charles, hooked us up with Warner Brother's Producer Wayne Vaughn, who is famous for writing "Let's Groove Tonight" and he toured as their keyboard player. He's an amazing writer, multi-instrumentalist and I would say "funk-tastically groovalicious"!


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Words by Marissa Dodge Bartlett 

In Korean mythology, the creation of the universe began with the goddess Mago who gave birth to two goddesses named Gung-hee and So-hee. The musical universe you're listening to began with a small goddess named Sung-hee. You may know her as Kimberly Michaels, but she first came into the world as Park Sung Hee in Seoul, Korea, near the Han River. She was found on the same day she was born, in a basket on the steps of an old building in the heart of Seoul city.


Six months later she was flown across the…

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